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Mipro ACT-7H

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Mipro ACT-7H - UHF ручной передатчик - суперкардиоидный конденсаторный микрфон, металлический корпус

Innovative Features 
Professional audio engineers have their own microphone sound preferences via knowledge and experience and will not select simply based on name brands only. MIPRO handheld transmitters are fast becoming acceptance among the leading sound engineers, audio professionals and artists worldwide due to its innovative features, performance, reliability and cutting-edge technology not found on others. 

MIPRO seeks Reproduction of the Natural Sound 
Reproduction of the natural sound is MIPRO's design principle. ACT-7H handheld transmitter features a hyper-cardioid directionality condenser capsule whose high fidelity, dynamic range, fast transient responses, low feedback howling and accurate sound image characteristics personify as such. 

High SPL Inputs Without Distortion 
The ACT-7H unique high fidelity modulation circuit can sustain a maximum SPL of 142 dB over the full input frequency range of 50 Hz~15 KHz (+1~-3 dB) while the THD is still under 0.9% linear width. 

Furthermore, since the sensitivity of the modulation circuitry is preset to accurately match the sensitivity of the capsule, users are no longer required to adjust the sensitivity level of their wireless microphone to obtain the optimal output level and dynamic range. This technology gives a clear and powerful performance in the high frequency range without having to reduce the volume to avoid distortion, unlike many other manufacturer's designs. 

Innovative ACT Function Replaces Traditional Manual Adjustment 
ACT-7H utilizes the UHF band and is PLL synthesized. A conventional PLL transmitter's frequency is set up manually. This can be complicated as well as prone to errors. In order to avoid these problems, MIPRO has designed and introduced the patented ACT function to replace conventional manual adjustments. These user-friendly systems work with just one press of the receiver's SCAN button to automatically, rapidly, and accurately set and lock the receiver's working frequency. This quick and accurate set-up avoids the mistakes so often seen in manually adjusted systems. 

High-Efficiency Circuitry And Sophisticated PCB Design 
Inside the ACT-7H is a high-efficiency, low-spurious emission, low-power-consumption circuit which gives you a truly impressive 18 hours of operation using just 2 AA batteries. Expertise in wireless design and many years of wireless know-how can be easily seen in the precise circuit layout of the ACT-7H. 

Finely Crafted and Professionally Styled Housing 
The professional look and feel of the patented ACT-7H is worth noticing. MIPRO's principles of esthetics and ergonomics combined with use of the best materials are fruition of these two handheld transmitter microphones. They are finely crafted and have distinctive looks. 

Технические характеристики:
-Housing Material Metal
-Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized
-Carrier Frequency Range UHF 620~950MHz
-Bandwidth 24MHz
-RF Output Power 10~30mW (or dependent on applicable country regulations) 
-Spurious Emissions <-55dBc
-Max. Deviation Range ±68KHz 
-Maximum Input Level 148dB SPL
-Battery AA×2
-Display Status LCD displays battery fuel gauge, channels, and error message.
-Dimensions 50(Φ)×260(L)mm / 2.0(Φ)x10.2(L)"
-Weight 250g / 8.8oz

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